Gold Coast

For those that don't know, I graduated from high school this year!!! Of course a celebration is necessary no? So after a couple of weeks of crazy formal struggles as well as days of utter boredom and existential contemplation, we were off to Gold Coast!!! 

Some readers requested that I did an outfit compilation for gold coast but I got caught up in the Schoolies celebrations and only managed to shoot for the 2 out of the 4 days before the start of official Schoolies madness (sorry, for those who still want to know, I basically just wore singlets, shorts or bikinis anyway).

Look 1:

.: Dress, MinkPink | Cutout Boots | Hat, Mooloola | Shoulder Pouch, Alice in the Eve :.

SkyPoint for an amazing 360 view of Surfers Paradise and beyond, quite breathtaking. I just threw on a casual summer dress for comfort since it was more of a get-to-know-this-place kinda day :) and a hat just coz. I do love this dress though because of its simple layered effect as well as the cute laser cut detailing that helped bring a balance between the white and the green.

Look 2:

.: Top, MinkPink | Shorts, Evil Twin | Sunglasses, Sportsgirl :.

Another casual day by the pool + grocery shopping + wristband collecting. Just threw on something quick simple for a relaxing day. (I also dyed my hair blonde for half of that day, a very tragic tragic moment of my post-hsc life). 

Anyhow, the next few days were spent tanning by the pool and partying at night (with a dark brown hair thank god)

more posts soon! along with a revamping of this hideous theme x

alice xx

Bad Obsession

 .: Top, MinkPink | Pleather Shorts, Lulu & Rose | Boots, Windsor Smith | Beanie, thrifted | Arm Candy, Flea Markets | Rings, Sportsgirl :.

So I lied... still sticking to that dark palette that I swear by haha 
For this look, I stuck to the basics (duh) but decided to mix gold and silver tones together for the jewellery! It's been a while since I've seen proper daylight, been holed up either at home or in the library CRAMMING for HSC. And of course, my timing is just brilz coz I've decided to pick up this blog again 2 weeks before my exams (what even). 

Anyway, enjoy and wait for more after my exams!

Consistency in posts is approaching x

alice xx

Early Mornings, Longer Nights

 .: Dress, Chicabooti | Denim Throw, MinkPink| Hercules Flatform Boots Y.R.U |Hat, Mooloola:.

It was my graduation last Thursday. Man how time flies haha I still remember starting this blog a few years back! By anyhow, this is basically a more polished version of what I wore to grad (just the dress and boots) ft. Mr Owl... Yeah, not formal enough for a graduation luncheon, but since I've been getting a runny nose from all this hayfever ish, Spring has definitely arrived and I'd say this is pretty much Spring attire right? So here's to the start of Spring,got that not-ready-to-give-up-winter-colours vibe but still embracing the shedding of heavier clothing.

Fun colours next time (maybe), 

alice xx


.: Dress and floral crown, made with love (& blood, sweat and tears) by me | Lace Clutch, Collette| Assorted Rings Lovisa | Nude PumpsZu :.

So this is the result of my digging up old abandoned pieces from the back of my wardrobe... I'd never shot it back when I had just finished making this dress (ahh that nostalgia), so I figured I may as well use my post-exam time wisely. I'd actually made this for my year 10 prom/formal but unfortunately someone bought a really similar dress, so this just ended up as an abandoned piece of textiles crumpled inside a clothes carrier.

Ramble over, 



See Thru U

.: Sweater/Top, Blue Jade | Outer Realm Tote, Nastygal| Crystal Charm Necklace ASOS | Tiered Gold NecklaceDiva  :.

Another quick and simple outfit post, just something I wore to study today. Finally got the chance to wear this top, which I love for the invisible thread detailing which added a nice touch to the otherwise plain top. And my new bag from NastyGal arrived! I know the whole holographic trend isn't really everyone's cup of tea, but it sure is mine!



One Less Problem

.: Singlet, Supre | Black cut-out sweater Mink |  boots Windsor Smith| Skorts Zeitgeist | NecklaceColette :.

Recreated an outfit I wore recently to a party. Went on a spontaneous shopping spree expecting to buy nothing, but instead picked up this pair of skorts! I loved the peplum-esque cut. Also, really getting into the cut-out trend now that it's kinda died out haha, picked up this cute sweater and thought it was perfect for the Autumn!



Crave You

.: Cobalt Crop, Topshop | Washed Black Joni Jeans, Topshop |  boots Windsor Smith| Hat Mooloola | NecklaceSportsgirl | Bracelets, Markets :.

Outfit of the day for a road trip with a few friends to Cabarita Bay for a picnic of sorts. Finally found a pair of high waisted jeans to make wearing crop tops a lot more modest and casual. A quick and simple outfit that you'll find me wearing way too often oops!

enjoy the rest of the holidays guys x